Medical Equipment
Reclaim, Refurbish, & Reuse Program of Northern Alabama

Call Beverly Landers, Debra Wood, or Abe Clark at (256) 236-0807 for more information.

Hours of Operation: Tues-Wed-Thurs:   8:00am to 2:30pm

The 3-R Project is a one stop collection / distribution point for donated, used medical equipment to be used by any person who is in need of equipment, but who may not be able to afford the price of a new item. We will:

* Pick up all donated equipment
* Perform minor repair, clean and upgrade to make equipment serviceable
* Inventory all donated assistive technology equipment
* Accept requests for needed equipment
* Provide a tax deduction letter describing the donated equipment

Some examples of equipment we will collect & distribute are:

* Manual & power wheelchairs (adult and children's)
* Bedside commodes & shower chairs
* Hospital beds (electric & manual)
* Personal mobility devices
* Wheelchair lift for vans
* Portable wheelchair ramps
* Geriatric and seat lift chairs
* Patient Lifts
* Breathing equipment
* Canes, crutches and walkers
* Hearing impaired telephones
* Other durable medical equipment

A truck is available for pickup of all equipment. All applicants will be pre-screened for need and urgency of their request. The Center will allow all citizens of greater Calhoun County who are in need of medical/ assistive technology equipment to have access to it at little or no cost.

If you have equipment you would like to donate, please contact Abe Clark, Assistant Project Manager, at (256) 820-9960 or (256) 236-0807 or Fax: (256) 820-9592