Need something that stands out a little more?  How about embroidery?  Let our staff put a great image together for you that will really tell everyone who you are or what organization you represent.  Whether you need your initials on a shirt or a full graphic on a hat, put our 4 Amaya XT Embroidery machines with 16 color capability, and 1,500 stitch per minute count to work for you.  We currently have hoops ranging from a 5” Round - Left Chest, 7” Round - Center Chest, 16.8” Square for Front or Back sewings, Cap Hoops, small Slim Line for pockets and sleeve cuffs, and a medium Slim Line for bags, towels, etc. 

We have 5,000 digitized stock images available.  Custom design is available from one of our in-house designers.  

For more information on how we can help you with your embroidery needs, contact the print shop staff at 256-820-9960 or at