Employability Development Services at Opportunity Center
November 28, 2017
At Opportunity Center, one of our main points of focus is employability development. We provide these services for men and women with developmental, cognitive, or physical disabilities who are otherwise able and willing to work in an integrated setting. 

Our process starts with a referral. All of our clients are referred to us through the Alabama Department of Rehab Services. 

From there, we enter them into phase one: Job Preparedness. Here we enter them into a week of classes where we teach readiness skills and assess the client’s ability to work. 

Next, we enter them into the second phase: Job Development. During this phase, the client will spend a week at Opportunity Center assisting with our contract jobs in the metal shop, print shop, and warehouse. Our counselors work closely with the client to further develop their skills and determine the type of job they’d like to have. This phase is especially important, not only for ensuring the client can perform certain tasks, but to make sure we place them in a job where they’re more likely to stay. From there, our counselors reach out to various employer connections in the community to find a job for the client.

Once the clients have completed our Job Development training and have been placed in a job, we move on to Employee Retention. In this phase, our counselors spend three months working with the client in their new job. We assess job performance, attendance, and measure how well they work in the environment. 

If the client can integrate successfully, we end the process. However, if the client does not integrate successfully, we begin the process over again until we find gainful employment for them.

If you’d like more information about our placement, training, and retention services, contact Martin Gwin at marty@opportunity-center.com or (256) 820-9960.