Looking for a way to help your school or organization raise a little extra cash while at the same time promoting your organization?  Look no further than the Opportunity Center print shop.  We work with schools, organizations, and events on many sales projects to help raise money for trips, programs, or just to help with overall costs.  From t-shirts, to coffee mugs, to license plates, to stickers, to hoodies, we have what you need for your fundraising efforts.

Our design team will work with you on your logo, set up your sales flier, and work with you on your pricing structure by determining the profit margins that you want make. Once approved, we will print your custom sales flier for your sale with your art and your prices.  Once the sale is complete, simply return the tally sheet with what you are ordering.  We will print all items and deliver them to you by your deadline. 

The best part is, there are no minimums on the items and you only pay for what you order.  We don't expect a guaranteed order amount.  We have helped many organizations with their efforts.  Let us help you.  For more information on this or any of our other services, please feel free to contact Steven Miles at 256-820-9960 or smiles@opportunity-center.com.


Samples of order forms set up for your sale!

One of the many products that we can include in your sale!